During the years 1990-1999 The Environmental Development Co-operation Group, EnDeCo, initially called the Centre for Developing Countries, carried out a Research project on Defluoridation Technology for use in Tanzania. The project was carried out in collaboration with the University of Dar es Salaam and the Ministry of Water, Energy, and Minerals in Tanzania. It was sponsored by the Danish International Development Agency DANIDA, under the so-called Enhancement of Research Capacity programme, Enreca. As a part of this collaboration four annual workshops were arranged in Tanzania, where involved Danish and Tanzanians researchers participated, together with other Tanzanian professionals working within the field. Hereafter, in 1994, it was decided to internationalise these workshops in order to facilitate professional interactions among researchers working within the field in other countries. Danida-Enreca consented to use some of the EnDeCo project funds, to co-sponsor professionals from other developing countries. Thus The 1st International Workshop on Fluorosis and Defluoridation of Water was held in Arusha, 18-22 October 1995. Thirty participants took part in the workshop. Eight countries, out of which 5 developing countries, were presented in the workshop. About thirty papers were presented, out of which twenty-eight edited papers were published in the Proceedings. An International Committee was established and EnDeCo published the Proceedings, in agreement with a workshop recommendation, in collaboration with the International Society for Fluoride Research, ISFR. Danida, through EnDeCo, was the main sponsor for the 1st Workshop and that included the edition and a contribution for the publication of the Proceedings.